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A leader who moves by guess-work, without practical, definite plans, is comparable to a ship without a rudder. Sooner or later he will land on the rocks.” 

Napoleon Hill

DIY Strategic Planning Toolkit

The DIY Strategic Planning Toolkit is a program that guides you through the development of a Strategic Plan to achieve your goals for the next three to five years.

It is for you if you are:

  • Dedicated to creating your own professional quality strategic plan, or
  • For training your Board/Committee in Strategic Planning

The program covers:

  1. The purpose and benefits of a strategic plan and how it works
  2. A step-by-step guide to the strategic planning process and putting a plan together including preparation, situation analysis, determining goals and priorities and documentation
  3. How to put together a strategic plan document as you go through each element of the strategic planning process. It includes a strategic planning template that you can customise for your organisation.

In addition to the DIY Toolkit, we have options to support you through the process including researching the situation analysis, facilitating the plan and mentoring you through the process. Contact us to discuss the solution that best meets your needs.

This Program consists of:

4 x  interactive units

To guide you through the process of planning, gathering and filtering intel, setting goals and priorities and putting together a strategic plan with solid foundations.

1 x workbook

to practice as you go along

1 x strategic plan template

To fill in as you progress through the units.


A bonus timeframe checklist is also included in the package so that you can monitor your progress step-by-step.


A bonus annual template so that you can start to prioritise what you can achieve in the first 12 months and then again for the following years – no excuses!

What’s included:

The Strategic Planning DIY Toolkit is a flexible approaching to designing your priorities for the next three to five years. It takes you through:

  • how a well-prepared Strategic Plan helps you to achieve your goals and how it can be used to attract recognition and funding
  • the value of a strong Vision and Mission aligned to your Purpose
  • bringing your Values to life, supporting and promoting your desired work culture
  • how to research and analyse internal and external trends and put together a ‘Situation Analysis’ so that you can embrace innovation and stay ahead of the game
  • planning, preparing and facilitating a Strategic Planning workshop
  • putting together the Strategic Plan document as you go through the program
  • designing a strategy for monitoring your performance and making adjustments as part of your governance procedures
  • developing your plan for the first 12 months using a template that can be used for subsequent years.

Once you’ve got your Strategic Plan nailed, you have the map on which to navigate your budget forecast, human and resource planning, marketing and succession plans, to name but a few.

Where to start?

3-5 years is a long time to plan ahead, yet if you don’t plan, how will you know you’ve achieved success?  It isn’t enough to put a group of people together without first finding out where the organisation stands in its community/marketplace, what’s happening internally and externally, and what changes in the world are going to have an impact. Even the smallest club or business doesn’t live in a vacuum, yet is even more vulnerable to change. 

The recent pandemic has led to unprecedented change and upheaval and now is THE time to review your plans and refocus your priorities to steer the ship back on course to get to your goals, or to set a new course altogether.

We put together a selection of options for you to choose from, depending on where you are at.

Choose from:

Strategic Planning DIY Toolkit

Stand-alone Strategic Planning DIY Toolkit today – includes three months email support

DIY Toolkit + Mentoring

Strategic Planning DIY Toolkit plus three-staged one-on-one mentoring sessions as well as three-months email support

Part or fully facilitated support

We work with you through the Situation Analysis and/or Strategic Planning workshop/follow up. This is our tailored option to meet your specific needs

Contact Us Now

To discuss your priorities and to stay ahead of change.

This program was designed by Pat Grosse, founder of The Community Entrepreneur. Pat was first introduced to strategic thinking whilst working in a role that involved monitoring European Union policy developments and identifying opportunities to promote new initiatives coming from these strategic documents (usually leading to multi-millions in funding opportunities). After a small stint working in a regional secretariat, Pat relocated to Australia and was employed by a Government entity, where she keenly read Strategic Plans and Policy Documents to anticipate opportunities to work with community service providers to make best use of the implementation measures coming from them.

Since 2010, Pat has helped not-for-profits and business owners to develop their strategic plans. She has trained centres to run their own strategic planning process, leading to the development of this resource.

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Read the following articles and watch the video

The DIY Strategic Planning Toolkit is an initiative of The Community Entrepreneur.

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Here are a couple of examples from people that have used our strategic planning system.

Pat has been a great resource, her facilitation and teaching methodology is thoroughly engaging. The resources and materials provided are invaluable and will be used as references for future projects. Pat delivers over and above her brief and I would highly recommend the Community Entrepreneur services.
Maria L
I wanted to thank you for the way that you lead the development of our Strategic Plan. Your activities allowed people to share their thoughts and ideas which you then brought together to create information to produce a plan. You are very clever in what you do and your knowledge and experience provided such a solid background to achieve a great end result. You are also very perceptive and flexible so that you actively engaged people in the process allowing deviations to occur but the end goal was not lost because people respected your leadership in the process.
Sherylyne M